Post It Note Art

Hopefully, this artwork was created fromĀ “used” post it notes saved from garbage, and that this artwork did not unnecessarily divert the civil servant from its duties nor sacrifice virgin post it notes.

On second thought, maybe we should rejoice that something productive was being done with the time, and thus avoiding screwing up something else.

I look forward to seeing the lite-brite style image evolve.

2 thoughts on “Post It Note Art

  1. Ottawa is a bit late to the party, but I hope that it will catch on. It seems that the fad started in NY ( and has since spread to many other cities – even Calgary ( is ahead of Ottawa. With all of the ‘blah’ architecture in this city, maybe a cheerful window art competition is just what we need to help entertain tourists this year. I am a big fan of spontaneous fun – or even well planned ‘spontaneous’ fun like Flash Mobs. (I hope every school that has an arts program and every unique district – I’m talking about you, Sparks Street, Rideau Centre, Market, Preston, Westboro, etc – are listening.) Let’s have some fun this year and show tourists that we do know what fun is; even if it is just for this year.

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