Plouffe Park landscaping

note the two receivers mounted on each end of the blade

sod rolls; elevation transmitter in the background

laying the carpet …

Plouffe Park is behind the Plant Recreation Centre at the corner of Preston and Somerset. The playing fields were torn up last fall in order to lower the ground level several feet. This permits the fields to function as a storm basin in case of severe flooding expected only every 50 years or so. The Park is the lowest point in the entire Preston street catchment area, and has no natural overland outflow.

The bulldozer spreading the topsoil was interesting to watch, as in a single pass it moved the soil to a very flat grade. After a dozen passes in various directions, the soil was as level as a tabletop. Each end of the blade is connected to an on board computer that is connected to a transmitter at the side of the field (visible in the background of photo 2).

Sod was delivered by a flatbed at noon Wednesday, and positioned on the field by a forklift. Another tractor positioned the rolls at the edge of the field and unrolled the strips of grass in less than minute. Each strip of grass extended half way down the length of the soccer pitch. Workers with rakes did the final positioning. A powered roller pressed it down, and a larger tanker truck of water washed the grass immediately behind the laying crew.

By 5pm, about 20% of the Park had been greened.

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