Pimisi Station takes form


IMG_3679It only takes a few weeks out of town to realize how much things can change in even a short absence. The photo above shows Pimisi Station taking form on LeBreton Flats. The view is from Fleet / Booth intersection and Claridge Design Centre, and just north of [new] Wellington Street,  by the War Museum.

Concrete columns have been poured to support the new much-higher Booth Street. Booth will rise up gently from the foreground of the photo to go over the Confederation Line using the overpass being constructed. That same overpass will be part of the new Pimisi Station.

In this photo (below) a bus can be seen going by on the remaining segment of the transitway, which helps make apparent the height of the new Booth street. Stairs and elevators will take people down to the train platforms at the lower level:. IMG_3681


The view from the other perspective is just as dramatic. Here is a photo taken from the intersection of Booth and Albert, looking north towards the War Museum and Gatineau:


The bus is on the transitway, one of the old red shelters is still visible on the left. From the intersection of Albert, Booth will go north without going downthill as it has done for centuries. It will sail over the top of the bus in the picture, supported by the pillars visible for the centre line of the bridge and the two outside edges of the overpass. The new Pimisi Station will actually be somewhat south of the transitway.

Here is what it will look like finished, as viewed from pigeon height :

colour image4


(that’s Booth elevated up higher over the aqueduct and overpassing the Station; the pedestrians promenading in the foreground are where the transitway is now; the rail trains are further back from the current transitway, cut into the slope of the hill. The concrete pillars being poured in the first pictures are the ones beside the aqueduct holding up the new overpass. The current transitway station is mostly east (left) of Booth, but the new Pimisi rail Station is mostly west (right)


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  1. Ann: Booth was four lanes between Albert and the Chaudiere Bridges before, and will be four wider lanes when rebuilt. But the section north of the Museum will be put on a road diet to two or three lanes as Zibi is built out. Where Booth goes over the Pimisi Station there will be bus layby lanes too (making it 6 lanes wide) with NO bike lanes or tracks on Booth.

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