Pedestrians in the snow boldly goes to CBC

I can never tell what is going to appeal to readers.

Sometimes, what I think is great post, gets no comments, and average readership.

Othertimes, a simple post goes viral.

Today’s earlier post was on reading the paths in the snow to determine where pedestrians really want to go. It tickled the fancy of the fine folks at the CBC, so I trudged out through the cold fields of LeBreton Flats talking to a reporter. You can hear my footprints on the noon show today; or maybe again in the  afternoon show.

Progress comes in many disguises.

3 thoughts on “Pedestrians in the snow boldly goes to CBC

  1. I think (mainly because I live right next to it and have to see it on a daily basis), that it’s because of the colossal waste that the Lebreton Flats have become. A square mile of ugly chain-link fences, ruins poking out of ignored or ruined landscapes, and ugly soulless condo buildings. This should be a masterpiece of new urbanism, with walkable streets, and life everywhere. It should have been that 50 years ago. Yet it’s still a blighted moonscape.

  2. I’ve just heard your discussion on beaten paths on CBC – it was made into a episode of “All In A Day from CBC Radio Ottawa (Highlights)” podcast.

    I very much agree about how pedestrians often come as an afterthought. Once I visited a friend living in the building next to Lincoln Fields and it just baffles me how pedestrians are supposed to make such a large detour.

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