Ottawa Utility installs new furniture

I know too many city-types who straight-facedly refer to anything placed on a sidewalk as “street furniture”. This includes benches, but also lamp posts, sign posts, and wooden utility posts.

Ottawa’s local power utility has recently redecorated a bit of the urban house by installing a new bit of street furniture. It is obviously new, sturdy stuff, able to take all the wear and tear pedestrians can give it. Should last for decades.


Honestly Mildred, don’t you think it would look a little bit better moved off to the left, so that no one can miss it?

2 thoughts on “Ottawa Utility installs new furniture

  1. There are few things. That annoy me more. Than NEW utility poles purposefully installed in the middle of the sidewalk. Aaarrrgghhh! Why the aesthetics of LRT lines are ever considered an issue when you have stuff like this is beyond me…

  2. Eric, how much space is left between the new pole and the tree? If it is less than 1.5 metres then the tree will likely need to be removed.

    Seriously though, the City’s Pedestrian and Transit Advisory Committee (PTAC) might be interested in this encroachment into the sidewalk. May I use your photo? And could you tell me where the offending pole is? Thanks.

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