One hour to a cleaner neighborhood

On Saturday morning at 10am a group of Dalhousie residents will gather at the Dalhousie community centre (corner of Empress and Somerset) for an hour (or two) of neighborhood grooming. We provide the gloves, bags, and friends. In small groups, we tidy up a few blocks or nuisence spots. This year the focus will be on the two pedestrian staircases that go up/down Nanny Goat Hill. The Primrose staircase runs east-west; the Empress Ave staircase runs north/south; the bottom of the Empress stair comes out near the Good Companions centre.

One of the nicest aspects of gathering up the miscellaneous debris is soaking up the praise … there isn’t a pedestrian going by who doesn’t stop to thank us for tidying up. We hope this evangelizes into people more concerned about keeping our neighborhood tidy.

Please feel free to join your neighbors Saturday.

3 thoughts on “One hour to a cleaner neighborhood

  1. Augh! You need to give more warning about this. I live next to the Empress stairs and would have loved to help you out, but alas, it is now 11am.

  2. Matt: it was scheduled earlier, and is on the report of the dca minutes for the april meeting at the website, and you can RSS-subscribe to that site. But you are right, I should have sent our a message a few days earlier. Instead, I was at the david engwicht course at city hall which was very worthwhile and will be the subject for some postings.

  3. You did post the minutes, but I didn't bother to read through them. I'll keep an eye out next time. Thank you, whoever cleaned up the stairs, they did a wonderful job.

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