Nordhavn (ii) low rise townhouses

There were a few — very few at this time — townhouse-type units that I saw at Nordhavn development zone, Copenhagen. This is not unexpected, as (man-made) land this close to the downtown is very valuable.

Nonetheless, they add variety to the landscape and tenure types. I think in this case they were also scaled to blend in with some low rise historic industrial structures that are rehabilitated and reused.

In the case shown below, only the end wall facade of a warehouse was kept, the new town house units are built right up to it:

The units all had the same exterior:

They are joined together only by a ground floor outdoor space with a deck above. The houses were “back to back” so there would be another patio behind the first, for the unit facing the next street over. This means the courtyard should get abundant light and not feel like a “hole”. The ground floor space at first looked like garages …



The ground level space shown below was subdivided into a storage locker on the left and the entry to a patio behind it. Note there is a lot of house glazing into this courtyard which is open to the sky:

Just like garages, the lockers filled up with “stuff” and the bikes ended up parking by the door:

There was no real boundary between the semi-private patio space at the front door and the more-public sidewalk along the curb. I presume the matchstick fencing is temporary, until plants get established and construction equipment finally leaves.


Nearby was the elevated Metro station under construction:

Other than these few town house units, the rest of the Nordhavn neighbourhoods were low and mid rise apartments. The mid-rise apartments came in many varieties and the landscaping around them was superior to Orestad.

There is lots of see around those apartments, and I have plans and prices. They will take up the next several stories here on WestSideAction.