No Toys for Us

One of the biggest toy hits of Christmas 2009 is the Zhu Zhu Hamster.

It’s cheap ($8-$12), small, has zillions of reactions to human stimulus. Zhu Zhu is Chinese for Pig. So it’s a PigPig Pet or PigPig Hamster.

So I went looking for it. Not at Zellers. They said it was only at ToysR-us. So onto the 95 to St Laurent. Nope, they don’t have them. The staff cheerily told me the toys are all being reserved for the Toronto market. If you live in Ottawa, you can’t get the top selling Christmas toy because the retailer has decided to cater to the Centre of the Universe (TM) .

I tried to get it online from; but the site tells me its in-store shopping only. It doesn’t bother to tell me its instore-only-in-Toronto.

I had thought it was only fancy transit systems that Toronto got.