New MUP Pattern at Bayview

Remember those moving staircases in Harry Potter?


Some cyclists and pedestrians may be forgiven for feeling they are in a fantasy world when approaching Bayview Station.

The pathway was here yesterday … now its gone. It’s over there ! No, it’s over there now !

Fortunately, I haven’t met a anyone walking Fluffy along the perambulating pathways.

For through traffic: The long and short of it is that everything that you used to do on the Tom Brown pathway on the south side of Albert, has been moved over to the pathways on the north side of the construction site.

if coming from the west, head north on Bayview going under the transitway viaduct bridge, and then turn sharp right to continue going east along the back side of the transitway viaduct. Look familiar?:

img_8787 img_8788

Once you near the Trillium Line MUP that goes north towards the River, new bits of asphalt become visible:


This new bit of asphalt leads up the slope towards the old Bayview Station bus stops, and actually still comes out right by the current temporary bus stops:



The new routing is actually pretty logical and reasonably straight albeit with a number of short jogs and hollows. It essentially continues the Albert MUP along the north side of Albert all the way to Bayview Avenue where it is an easy connection to the Scott MUP.

This, BTW, is the east-west alignment of the permanent connection of the Albert MUP to the Scott Street MUP and cycling lanes, opening in summer 2018.


To access the Trillium MUP southwards, or get to the OTrain: For people wanting to connect the Trillium pathway going south, or to access the OTrain Trillium platforms,  take the existing pathways that go downslope from the bus stops on either side of Albert Street.

Winners and Losers: just like Hogwarts where moving staircases took one to unexpected adventures … there are winners and losers with the new pathways.

The group rewarded with the most additional exercise are the pedestrians from Hintonburg who now need to walk north on Bayview, then follow the pathway all the way east to the temporary bus stops, then back track going downslope to the OTrain platforms.

Of course, I fully expect most will revert to the “old method” of climbing Mount Brown, ignoring the city ‘no trespassing signs’ and hopping over the now-very-high guardrail to get on the Albert sidewalk. Then walk along the overpass with buses whizzing by six inches from your ears.

It promises to be a wet walk on rainy or winter days.



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  1. And I gather that people coming from the south Trillium MUP heading north to the riverside MUP have a slightly less convoluted route than before?

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