New Dalhousie website launched

Today a new website focussed on the history of Dalhousie Ward was launched:  And yes, there is a Historic Dalhousie committee keeners can participate in. If interested, email me

Historic Dalhousie Ward - Medium

It will focus on the built history, the people who built it, and how we celebrate it, mourn it, or live it today.

History is not old dead stuff. Or just about disappearing (or disappeared) buildings. It’s about people, what they built, and how that influences how the neighbourhood works and functions today. And much of the history in Dalhousie Ward is not that old. In the coming stories we will learn about blacksmithies, immigrants in the 50’s, one of the biggest trees in Ottawa, the biggest grandest house in Ottawa, streetcars, and Mick Jagger’s connection to Dalhousie Ward.


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