Neat and tidy reno

This neat and tidy reno is on Arlington, right behind the Harvey’s that faces Bronson. That’s the Qway sound barrier you can see in the left backround.

Neat aluminum siding. Quality front door, stained glass window. New window units throughout the house. Soon, a large front porch. The chimney and dormer wall are not yet finished.

So, what is so special about this house? Well, a few months ago the bank-owner applied to demolish it as unsalvagable. The Dalhousie Community Assoc felt it could be fixed up, and opposed the demolition. The City agreed. The property was sold. It looks like it will soon be a contributing member to an improving street.

I think the renovated house will admirably suit the needs of a small household, and is inestimably better than a vacant lot.

3 thoughts on “Neat and tidy reno

  1. Wow – what a transformation. I really thought it was destined to be debris… much like the semi detached at the corner of Arthur/Christie.

  2. Anybody know the name of the contracter who is – fastly I might say – doing this work? I could be in the position of a guy with a POS inner-city home next year that needs significant renos next year and am just trying to compile a list of candidates. Thanks.

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