NCC Ottawa Riverfront regeneration

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The geese along the Ottawa River are pretty oblivious of cylists and pedestrians at the best of times (unless they see you with a plastic bag – then they are eager to be fed) but for several days they have been in tighter groupings on the grass and usually facing the NCC workers busy digging holes in their favorite lawn areas along the river edge. In the area downstream from Island Park, the NCC crews have been planting multiple rows of small shrubs along the shoreline. Presumably it is to protect the shoreline from erosion and add greenery, and is not some nefarious scheme to discourage the wildlife.

One thought on “NCC Ottawa Riverfront regeneration

  1. I took the Ottawa bike pathway for the first time on Tuesday and was surprised at the amount of bird poo there was on the path. I’m not too sure how they can stop this problem, but I do think it’s a problem.

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