Navy Monument Sod Turning

2010 is the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Navy. This accounts for all the banners and display panels on Confederation Boulevard and down by the war memorial.
A monument is being errected to this anniversary at Richmond Landing, the original origin point of Richmond Road, at the Ottawa River below Chaudiere Falls where the Bronson Creek/Tailrace/Kayak course enters into the Ottawa River.
The banners behind the tent are some of the ones decorating Confederation Boulevard.
There was a large collection of navy-types there. I haven’t seen this many navy uniforms in decades (a navy brat, I grew up down east).
As for the monument itself … well, it hasn’t been constructed yet, but they hope to have it finished in 2011, which will be less-late than the navy gets its new gear. I asked a couple of the old salt types at the ceremony what they thought of the monument [slightly curved concrete wall with gold ball stuck on the top edge]. Let’s just say they missed the symbolism, meaning, representation, purpose … and so did I. Old Salts still have a good vocabulary.