Name this wall…

The City has recently completed a series of retaining walls along their Ottawa Community Housing properties on the north side of Albert Street, between Preston and Lorne. Some walls are smooth concrete, some are stacked precast blocks, like the ones shown in the pic.

The walls are high on the sidewalk side. The “housing” side is much more pleasant and acceptable. I plan to get some pic on the weekend and do up a post next week. Until then, what would call these walls? They need some sort of moniker that is catchy and captures their essential look and contribution to a  quality urban environment. Adjectives must be printable.

(I have delayed posting these walls pending completion of the never-ending construction project, which has been going for about 2 years now. I hoped that completion, or landscaping, might improve the project. Now that the project is mostly complete, and it is apparent there will be no trees or other softening features, it’s time to have a neighborly conversation about these, which the city couldn’t be bothered to have before the construction was done.)


8 thoughts on “Name this wall…

  1. How about “curbstone walls” (or “kerbstone”)?

    You can take that as double-entendre too because the walls are both composed of curb-like stones but also they curb any relationship between the street and what lies beyond.

  2. The Ivy Wall, because it so easily could have been… Could still become with an expensive retrofit? Anyone?

  3. Did they get our esteemed PM to design it? I vote for “the un-green, un-friendly, street killer wall.”

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