Muammar Gaddafi reads WestSideAction !

Whilst checking through my spam filters I discovered an email from Muammar Gadaffi who is anxious to leave his African country due to turmoil there but needs my bank account number to transfer a sum out. I get to keep a share of it.

Could this be true? Gadaffi reads me? He is interested in Dalhousie neighborhood and wants to maybe buy a condo here?

I wonder if he will bring those unusually proportioned “nurses” with him. I wonder if he reads Ken Grey too?

3 thoughts on “Muammar Gaddafi reads WestSideAction !

  1. Yikes! If Gandolf…I mean Gaddafi…comes to town, he’ll finance Soho Italia himself and be the only occupant. And he’ll make it a LOFT!

  2. The only way to tell if it’s the real Muammar Gaddafi is if he spelled his name right. Only Muammar Gaddafi knows how to spell his name right. Therein lies the mystery.

    – RG>

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