More Tunnel Segments go under Somerset Street

A big truck delivers another section of tunnel to Somerset Street. The extra-wide load is escorted by leading vehicles. Each tunnel segment weighs 32 tons. The deliveries are not permitted during morning or evening “rush hours” so as to minimize traffic delays.

12 crane cables are attached to screw holes in the tunnel segments
crane lifts the concrete up a few feet and truck drives off ...
the box is rotated in the air to get it uprightonce upright,
the "bottom" cables are no longer required ....
workers get under the 32 ton box to use very large wrenches to undo the bolts and cables
the box piece is then swung around over the hole ...
lowered into the hole

the tunnel as it was done Monday evening...
the "stored sections" are visible to the right; this new section will be inserted in the middle

a thick layer of waterproofing "caulk" is applied around the holes and the female edge of the tunnel piece
more caulk is applied around the top edges of the male end of a tunnel piece
in a fine demonstration of parking skills, the crane operator snuggles the new piece into the existing tunnel sections

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