Mobile home in Little Italy

This mobile home, a real land yacht, might look normal somewhere else, but parked along Preston Street during the tulip festival it looked huge and oddly impressive. In addition to the two side-extending rooms, the luggage bay also expanded. Awning, door mat, what else could be wanted?

Ahh, the “little” runabout on a hydraulic lift, that by itself is very large:

Is this the marriage of a cottage and car? The modern version of gypsy caravan? Suburbia on wheels? Someone’sĀ houseboat with wheels?

And what of our reaction to seeing this … Would we approve or disapprove of this vehicle if it was a houseboat instead of a bus? If the modest dimensions were a landlocked cottage and not on wheels? Does it matter if it is a recreational property or someone’s primary residence?

The whole perception of what is normal, or extravagant, is warped by the wheels.

2 thoughts on “Mobile home in Little Italy

  1. If it’s the same one I saw driving down Booth, then they were also towing an SUV Lexus on a trailer.

  2. Heh, it took me a while to realize the thing on the back was a motorcycle and not a two-wheel VW bus.

    I didn’t realize RVs had come this far. I’m used to seeing this type of vehicle as a tour bus for musicians and other celebrities, but not so much for families.

    Your questions are a lot like the ones a BIA would consider about hotdog vendors and chip trucks.

    – RG>

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