Megachurch on Bayview Avenue?

Any time there is vacant land, it attracts every “great idea”. Alas, too many great ideas are crackpot ideas.

Don’t want a stadium at Lansdowne? Put it at LeBreton, lots of space, no one lives there, and no one will hear the noise. How about a casino? Lots of room! Noisefest? Sure! Or a collection of 20 high rises? Oops, that one’s coming for sure.

So when I saw all this seating nicely arranged in rows, I figured there must be a mega church on its way:

No, a mega church is not on the way. Presumably, the city is storing or cleaning the benches. I could pick out the Hintonburg benches, the Little Italy benches, etc.

There are bunnies there though.

One thought on “Megachurch on Bayview Avenue?

  1. I think it might be for a remembrance ceremony for the Battle of Vimy Ridge. That’s all I can think of, and the dates are right.

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