Meeting the Man with the Screwdriver

So, I was walking down the street the other day (not in Ottawa) lookin’ at the cycle track and bumped into Jeffrey Hoffmann. He is the five-time astronaut on the various space shuttles, including stint(s) as commander.

He has logged over 21.5 million miles in the shuttle. Note that you get free upgrades for life on terrestrial airlines when you fly 1 million miles.

He is also the guy who held the screwdriver that fixed the Hubble Space Telescope. While walking in space.  I did not ask if it was a Phillips head.

He’s now a professor of engineering at MIT. And he posed for this pic with great good grace.

Prof Hoffmann is also housemaster at one of the university dorms. Apparently Prof Hoffmann takes incredible glee in their annual “drop date” celebration where a piano is dropped (safely) from the roof of the dorm to the street below, as illustrated in this poster display: