Lipstick on Pig improves looks

Last year, we wondered if the proposed artwork on the “reconstructed” part of Bronson Avenue would be enough to make a difference.

Andrew O’Malley’s artwork is now installed on the porch roof of the Bronson Centre (there being no public right of way space available at ground level as its all devoted to car worship).

The residents of the ‘hood, taking refuge on the Bronson Centre’s roof, were installed this week. And lit up. Here’s some snaps of the action figures:

IMG_0228 IMG_0229 IMG_0230 IMG_0237

As promised, sometimes the figures are all the same colour, as we come together.

I think this is fun art, a useful private-public partnership, and the colours sure to cheer up pedestrian commuters on long winter evenings. Entertaining on summer’s eve too.

You can read about the art selection process and see the concept pieces at