Lemieux Island area (ii)

A few years ago the City ran one of its high pressure water mains along the north side of the Ottawa River Commuter Expressway (said expressway being at the top of this slope) from Lemieux Island towards the downtown.
The city contractors re-landscaped the dug up areas. Surprise, surprise, the shrub beds withered away, the trees languished … and for the last few weeks the NCC has be re-doing the city work. Shown above are new shrubs on the slope between the expressway and the river edge bike path near the Prince of Wales bridge.
The shrubs are planted, mulched, and being watered.
The NCC also replaced a number of the trees the city planted.
I wonder how the NCC views the City’s attempts at landscaping? Like a little child, trying, but failing and inept? Like a recalcitrent child, who goes through the motions but sullenly and without interest in the result? Or like a pesky mosquito, just brush it aside and do what needs to be done, properly?