LeBetter Flats (xi) Which proposal will win?

So, we have two development proposals for the remaining bits of the LeBreton Flats site. There’s been lots of public debate and discussion about which one is better, which one you prefer.

There’s been no discussion of financial viability, as none of that info was released. So, we have two sexy proposals, with bells and whistles.

Which one is better urban design?

It doesn’t matter all that much. Urban design accounts for less than 20% of the evaluation criteria:evaluation points

Notice that the “delivery model”, aka who pays, counts for as much as the development plan, and of the development plan, design excellence is only a subcomponent.

Looks pretty much like a coin toss to me.

Or who lobbies best.

2 thoughts on “LeBetter Flats (xi) Which proposal will win?

  1. You are right in highlighting the financial aspect of the whole project, which was of course not discussed at all at the so-called public consultations. Who will control development, who will approve designs, when the major considerations are land leases (?) and investment (read “tax revenue”) . This is a commercial project only, with little or no strategic addition to the city scape. There is absolutely no incentive or commitment to build what is shown in the plan. The weakness of both the NCC in protecting design, and the city in its record with the OMB [Ontario Municipal Board] (which presumably would also have jurisdiction here if involved) are not encouraging.

  2. Ben

    What i think will happen is the Ncc will reject both and people will be happy high 5 chanting park park park then around a month from that date public works and the Ncc announce there going to build a massive office complex.

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