LeBetter Flats (vi) Questions to ask

So, maybe you are going to the NCC open house on LeBreton Flats, today from 4 o’clock onwards (presentation at 6pm) or Wednesday, all day, presentation at 6pm.

What questions should you be asking? Here’s a starter list:


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What Residents Should Look For At Lebreton Flats Open House
With the NCC holding a public open house for the two bids to redevelop Lebreton Flats on January 26th and 27th at the Canadian War Museum, the Dalhousie Community Association (DCA) is highlighting key issues that residents should consider when evaluating the proposals.
“These will be the only scheduled opportunity for the public to view and provide in-person comments on the proposals. It will also be the first opportunity to officially see what they include,” said DCA President Michael Powell. “While an online comment form will also be available until early February, for residents of Ottawa these open houses will be the best opportunity to see and provide input on a project that will shape our city.”
“Given this, we would encourage members of the public to attend the open house in person if possible as well as to provide thoughts to the NCC afterwards, especially regarding the residential, commercial and greenspace elements of the proposal.”
The DCA has developed a list of key questions that it believes will be helpful in evaluating the proposals. It suggests that those attending the open house consider the following matters:
• How does the proposal interact with the existing community? Does it connect in logical places? Is it easy to walk from nearby neighbourhoods, such as Chinatown and Little Italy? Are there apparent barriers that keep these areas separate? Are there enough places to cross the LRT track?
• Do any proposed commercial uses reflect the needs of the neighbourhood? Are they mostly for big events, or are there services for every day? What would you like to see there?

• Do you think that there is an appropriate mix of housing types? Is there enough space for families? Are there rentals? Is there any affordable housing?
• What is envisioned for any greenspace? Is it the sort of thing that you would use? What could improve it? Can people that live nearby get to it easily?
• Do you think that the primary use is appropriate for public land? Is it right for downtown?
• How does the primary use animate the space on a regular basis, and how could that be improved? Does it have shops/services around it, or is it just blank space?
• Will this development swamp our neighbourhood in cars as during other busy events, such as Bluesfest? What’s being done to minimize traffic? Are there specific plans to achieve their transit goals?
• What will be built first? Are we sure to get the “nice stuff” built at the same time or will it be promised for later?

The NCC can choose to move ahead with a proposal, take parts of it, or reject everything outright. We will soon see what we think should be the best option.

The Dalhousie Community Association is the volunteer organization that represents the interests of residents of Ottawa’s Chinatown, Little Italy and Lebreton Flats. For more information, visit www.ottawadalhousie.ca.

For more information:
Michael Powell, President
(613) 797-7313


Now, for those readers who simply cannot get enough of my sweet dulcet tones, I’ll be part of a panel reviewing the proposal for a LeBetter Flats on CBC Morning at 7.40am.

This is also fair warning for those who don’t like me or this pathetic blog, to block your ears.

3 thoughts on “LeBetter Flats (vi) Questions to ask

  1. Many of the questions above can be answered by looking at the design, so they don’t really need to be asked again.

    The points they raise are good considerations for the NCC to make their decision, but from everything i have heard and read so far, they are points the NCC is already aware of and are asking for.

    1. the panel is wednesday morning, at 7.40.. I presume it will then be available by going to cbc morning and selecting the interview from the drop down menu.

      thanks for reading and listening.

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