Jollies on Lisgar Street

While walking down Lisgar Street last week I spotted this object lying on the pavement. Had it fallen out of someone’s car? If so, was it in use whilst driving or parked?

Or did someone throw it out, having gotten their jollies and now ready to move onto more adventurous toys?

Would some child walking down the street mistake it for a kid’s toy rather than an adult toy? Indeed, would most adults recognize it? I had to look twice before I recalled my sister-in-law’s address in Dildo, Newfoundland. Hey, maybe it’s part of a covert marketing campaign from Tourism Newfoundland.

3 thoughts on “Jollies on Lisgar Street

  1. DAMN, and I thought bop it and pull it were so appropriate to it’s alternate universe usage. Still, who designed a kid’s toy is that particular shape? Were the designers unaware of its suggestive shape, or is my mind totally perverted. Wait, don’t answer that!

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