Janus the snowplower

Whilst out walking last week, I noticed an interesting difference in City pathway plowing. From Beech south to Carling, the multi-use path (a MUP, in city jargon; a bike path to the rest of us) gets plowed. Presumably this is because of the O-Train station at Carling:

The O-Train path is always gorgeous, lined (for now) with forty year old trees and established green verges bordering the stonedust path.

But turn the other way, look north, and Janus does not plow it at all:

It is still a city path — oops, MUP. The NCC stoop-and-scoop sign is a leftover from the 1960-2000 period when it was an NCC path. The City now owns it since they bought the rail corridor where the O-Train runs.

When (if??) the bike path is completed from Dow’s Lake to the Ottawa River, maybe we can get it plowed all the way.

2 thoughts on “Janus the snowplower

  1. Eric

    At a minimum it should be fully plowed to Young St so that walkers can do a proper circuit from Carling to the Queensway. Perhaps our councilor needs a nudge.


    p.s. always enjoy the daily dose of neighbourhood (or farther) new and views.

  2. The MUP from Baseline station to Queensway station (running north-south) gets plowed but they stop, just past the Queensway. I don’t even know why they do that much, as I have rarely seen pedestrians even in the summer using the MUP (along there, it is mostly cyclists, joggers and the occasional dog walker). I would love to see the NCC plow the MUP all the way down to and along the river and not use salt (only sand) so people could bicycle commute if they wanted in the winter. I guess it’s not in the budget. I’d be tempted to do it for free if they gave me access to one of those little path snow blowing machines. Or maybe some retired guy, like your sidewalk snowblower guy. But that would be against union rules, I bet.

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