Is Walking only for the Rich ?


A while back, we reported  on a talk by Theresa Grant at City Hall , comparing the walkability of four urban neighborhoods. They included a high income and low-income urban neighborhood, and high and low-income suburban-style neighborhoods. Guess which neighborhood came out best for walking, and which one the worst?

Hint: you can read the original post here:

And now you can hear Theresa herself talk about the safety of walking in our west side neighborhoods. Hint: it’s depressingly bad to live here. You are much better off being rich. BUT, things can be better.

Come out and get some facts and figures on the [hazardous] state of walking on the west side, and what we can do to make it better. Because together we can make it better. We have made tremendous progress in the last few years making our main streets safer and more pleasant to walk on. Now, there’s the rest of the issues.


Warning to the shy: a certain west side blogger will also be speaking on traffic speeds in our neighborhood. Ouch.