Invitation to Death

Sometime around Christmas I noticed this city sewer was missing it’s lid. This area, near the Bayview Station, has a lot of really huge main storm sewers here. I forgot about it, until I renoticed it yesterday. IMG_5478

Ironically, the little plowed road just off to the left is maintained all winter for daily checks of the main sewers in this field, but they are checked a bit further west, thus missing this one closer to the intersection of Albert and City Centre Avenue.

If anyone has fallen down it, they are likely to have been flushed out into the Ottawa River by now.

One thought on “Invitation to Death

  1. Its been like that since the fall. It looked like whoever was using that area as an illegal construction waste dump was using the hole to dump stuff. I wonder if this was done by the same folks who just left the tires at the bottom of the bike path stairs.

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