Important day to ride your bike

There will be a memorial bike ride (pedestrians welcome) at 9am on Tuesday, starting from Bronson and Queen, going east up Queen to the site where a cyclist was killed last week when she got doored.

There are various bike parades and mass rides held from time to time in our fair city. This would be a good one to make. Remember, 9am Tuesday. Or would you rather do some boring desk work or attend another useless office meeting? Get your priorities straight. Get out the bike.

I have a reason of my own to attend. In ’07 my wife got the door prize on Bank Street in the Glebe. She broke her two shoulders, broke her sternum (breastplate), 10 ribs broken (most three or more times), punctured both lungs, etc etc. In her case the passing taxi stopped inches before running her over, as she bounced off the hood.

She survived. She recovered. She will be riding with me.

7 thoughts on “Important day to ride your bike

  1. Sad story. Someone died because someone else did not look in the mirror prior to openning doors in downtown Ottawa. Did she think she is in a corn field, while openning her doors? She knew there are other cars, bycicles, pedestrians. Selfish act. “Mirrors check” must be enforced and tested during the driving test/license exams.

  2. It’s now a bike+walking tribute, so walkers are encouraged to come too. Got an update from the organizer “Danielle’s family and colleagues are planning on dressing in yellow, to symbolize the ray of sunshine that Danielle was in their lives. If you were also able to wear yellow, that would be a nice visual gesture.”

  3. Two stories this week that have to make drivers remember that cars are two tons of metal travelling very fast.

  4. Haven’t heard yet, Eric, about the memorial walk you’re planning for the poor woman pedestrian who got hit and killed by a drunk driver at St. Patrick and Cumberland this weekend. When will that be?

    1. That’s incredibly snarky. Apparently no one is allowed to oppose any wrong unless they simultaneously oppose all wrongs equally.

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