How does your garden grow?

One of the big fears about high rises is that shadow that they throw.

Over the last few years, I have become more observant of shadows. First, a developer built some three story infills in the lot behind my back yard. They are just 20′ from their/my rear lot line.

My gardening friends cheered me up: “there goes your sunshine and your garden”, and then consoled me with “but there’s always hostas. They love the total dark dense shade”.

Well surprise, those infills throw zero shadow on my garden during the whole growing season (May to September) and only minimal shadow in the shoulder months of April and October.

When the string of condo midrises began springing up along West Wellie and Richmond Road, I felt sorry for all those property owners immediately behind. Their yards would be plunged into darkness and gloom year round!

After all, these are not 33′ high buildings, they are six or more floors.

This week, I happened upon this delightful garden still thriving despite the new condo — still not quite finished —  that appeared on its south side. This photo was taken around 11.30 am and the majority of the garden is still in the sun.

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