Hoarding Sidewalk Space

From time to time we all come across ideas that just seem so right, we wonder why no one came up with it before.

Consider the ugly plywood and 2×4 fences or construction sheds put over sidewalks while a building is being constructed or renovated. Can you picture the ones recently used in downtown Ottawa? Minto Place? The new Export Canada building?

Now consider these:

This incredibly elegant and yes, beautiful sidewalk covering supports scaffolding and keeps the sidewalk open and accessible. Merchants in the adjacent building have full visibility.

How much more do you think a city would be willing to pay for this sort of sidewalk hoarding instead of plywood sheds? According to my source blog, this design actually costs LESS than plywood and 2x4s. http://www.urbanophile.com/2010/01/28/another-epic-public-space-win-in-new-york/nsider

If true, this strikes me as a marvellous business opportunity for someone to acquire some of this scaffolding system and rent it out for construction sites. Mind, we haven’t yet met with the City burueacracy that might impose its own conditions, like solid 3′ high walls, etc.