High rise Christmas parcels

While there is a — probably temporary — slowdown in condo sales, the buildings continue to go up. And the exterior membranes continue to get brighter coloured. Here’s a view from the Bayview Station looking towards downtown:

dec 11 2013 003

3 thoughts on “High rise Christmas parcels

    1. the yellow building is a 8 storey triangular-shaped condo by claridge on Lett Street (Lebreton Flats redevelopment). Beside it, to the left, is a second mid rectangular rise tower. Eventually the two will be joined by a five-ish storey connecting building. these buildings mark the last of the ones with yellow brick (on their north side) and the arrival of traditional red brick (on their south sides). Sometime in the past I posted artist impressions of what they will look like. https://www.westsideaction.ca/end-of-the-yellow-brick-road-err-buildings/
      They include an outdoor pool on the east side.

      I suspect we won’t see much more of the original development plan for this area, as Claridge may want to upzone all those parcels due to proximity to the new LeBreton Station due sometime in 2018.

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