Hickory bridge ready to dock


The Hickory Street bridge for people who walk and people who cycle is finally being assembled on the stub end of Hickory, by the semi-occupied SOHO Champagne condo tower.

The bridge is of black steel. As of Sunday, the north arch was supported upright on temporary cribbing, and part of the deck supports were in place.

This picture shows the south arch lying flat, soon to be stood up right. The high posts that extend beyond the arch are probably for the security fence to prevent suicidal Ottawans from jumping off the bridge.


After several weeks of assembly, a crane will lift the bridge over the OTrain Trillium line cut, immediately north of the Carling Station.

Expect completion at the end of August or mid-September.


2 thoughts on “Hickory bridge ready to dock

  1. Really looking forward to the bridge opening so I don’t have to face traffic coming at me at high speeds as I walk east on the south side of Carling. The sidewalk is barely wide enough for two people to walk side by side and the curb is very low is some areas between Sherwood and Preston St.

  2. Awesome! So how long before they pave the southern end of the O-Train MUP, and add proper curb cuts at Beech, so that the link will be meaningful for people going downtown?

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