Guerilla Marketing

I love guerilla marketing – or as it is more often called today, viral marketing – when it is well done. Joe Contronio of Pub Italia is always amusing, whether its the faux-religious themes, the faux-Queensway signs or now, making the most of the construction fences. If you enlarge the picture, you will see his fence that separates the patio from the sidewalk, then the construction fence that separates the sidewalk from the road-now-dig-up-zone, and the third fence that separates the construction zone from the travelled road surface. All of them are festooned with his advertising.
Well done ! Keep that patio open and visible! What isn’t visible in the picture is that the road workers have already dug a cut right through the middle of his patio, which is covered over with bolted down sheets of plywood so that patio remains open.
It reminds me a bit of those viral Most Interesting Man in the World commercials that show perseverence in the quest for a beer.

2 thoughts on “Guerilla Marketing

  1. Viral? I don’t see anything viral about putting flags on a fence outside of your own restaurant as viral. You, however have performed a great piece of viral marketing with this post.

  2. Yup, its now viral. A few years ago, there was only guerilla. Now the gorilla is on a keyboard or behind a digital camera, goin’ online.

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