Grass is Greener ….

We have all heard the “jokes” about a new employee at the civil service/union shop working diligently and being reprimanded by the existing employees to “not work so fast”.

Those stories came to mind this week while cyling past Britannia Park. There was a young male driving a large lawn mower, obviously a “summer student”. He was clearly having fun driving the mower, he was moving very fast. I stopped to see if he could actually mow the lawn at that speed, and it looked fine. A few hundred yards further east, an older man was driving another mower. S l o w l y. The buck had been given the huge lawn area to mow, the older hand had taken a much smaller field.

Some distance east, I came accross the field in the photo. It is a soccer field north of the school at Lincoln Heights (which is not a heights at all, it is a hollow, or vale, but I guess calling it the slopes of mud lake swamp wouldn’t encourage house sales). The soccer field was mowed but I cannot imagine any soccer team using it without having to first pick up all the matted lumps of grass thickly littering the field.