Gladstone Ave. north side boulevard

While I think it would have been better to have planted trees that will have an eventual mature size that is significant, this streetscaping is still attractive. The city planted columnar/fastigate oaks and maples along the boulevard on the north side of the street. The stems look rather beat up, but the trees are growing.
More significantly, the boulevard is on what used to be a vehicular lane. Several years ago the City tore up the asphalt and narrowed the road. The sky has not subsquently fallen, irredemably terrible traffic chaos has not been the result. A pleasant streetscape has appeared.
We need a lot more of this type of asphalt removal and greenscaping.

One thought on “Gladstone Ave. north side boulevard

  1. Eric – I think the ultimate test would be Bronson.

    More realistically, it would have been nice to see Bank street go back to one lane, widen the sidewalks, add trees and put in a cycling lane.

    Or, add in lovely street scaping along the ludicrously wide Scott street (start at Bayview and head west).

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