Gardening in Centretown

This new garden was installed last week in front of a row house on Lisgar. The corrugated metal (sewer) pipe porch pillar catches the eye, follwed by the bright painted corrugated fence panel on the right. The similar panels on the left of the walk are painted black. The sidewalk is actually at right angles to the public sidewalk, but the boardwalk cover is angled slightly, which adds interest (and possibly, like the NCC stairs along the canal which are also at a diagonal, disorienting…).

The garden plantings are in the usual modern style of few plant types repeated in patterns. The architect who lives here has done a great job of making an interesting garden to watch whilst walking by.   It may take several minutes of observing the garden before noticing the door step has been raised, which contributes to the “different” look and feel.

I like this garden because much of the result comes from good design rather than buckets of money.

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