Gardening — a matter of scale


Somewhat earlier this Spring I ended up at the Timmy’s on Merivale Road. We had an excellent view of a lady driving the tractor, planting … something. What other City lets us sit in a coffee shop on a busy arterial and watch tractors out the front windows?

It’s a great day for gardening, whether your farm is a flower pot or a thousand acres. Now get out there and get your fingers dirty!

3 thoughts on “Gardening — a matter of scale

  1. I used to live on the 20th floor of one of those towers, facing back at the camera position. The balcony had a 10″ solid horizontal band at the top of the railing. Sitting in the living room you could look out and see nothing but farm and sky, with the band completely blocking any signs of city. It was a little bizarre.

  2. I too used to live there, in the shorter red brick building, facing east. My main memory of the building was the dust dunes that would build up on the window sills whenever farm work was underway. Oh, and the manure smell. Still, my MA thesis was written in those rooms, a pleasant walk through the farm to Carleton was always available.

    1. I did most of a Masters while living there too. And that’s what I have to show for it, most of a Masters. 😉

      It’s a very nice location. I only wish the Farm was more of a park than a farm.

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