Friday Traveller, Urban Wall Art

Ottawa does have a outdoor wall mural art process. Some pieces are decidedly engaging or attractive.

Here, for your Friday viewing pleasure,  are some wall murals from other cities, with after and before pictures, courtesy of  Bored Panda, via WIMP,  via Price Tags, blogs. These are probably best seen on a desktop monitor rather than your phone, as the joy is in the details.

Juliette et Les Esprits, Montpellier, Fr:


Renaissance, Le Puy en Velay, Fr:


Poznan, Poland:


Au Fil de Loire, Brives Charensac, Fr:


Porte des Lavandieres, Aurec sur Loire, Fr:


Topart, Budapest, Hungary:



Palmitas, Mexico:



Athens, Greece:


16th Avenue steps, San Francisco, USA:


Diving Dog, Mechelen, Belgium:


Glasgow, Scotland:

Starling, Berlin, Germany:

And one last one, location unknown, via Houzz:



5 thoughts on “Friday Traveller, Urban Wall Art

  1. Wow, these are pretty wild. There are a few in Canada as well; Toronto, Montreal, Victoria for example. But they are tame by comparison. And there are ‘the eyes’ at U of O, not to be overlooked – ahem.

  2. I LOVE urban art! Thank you for this. Palmita Mexico- wow! A whole village painted. Thanks again Eric!

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