Friday Traveller: Active transportation in Montreal

Ottawa truly is the city that fun forgot.

Or maybe the city that frets endlessly about being sued.

In a park-short neighbourhood with three different multi-storey public staircases, no opportunity for fun may be indulged in. Someone might smile.

But in Montreal:

That slide appears to be concrete, so I cannot verify how slidey it is. And I’m sure a seven year old boy of any age or gender will push their bike up the ramp just to ride down the slide. Repeatedly. Whoa ! What FUN.

Note, there isn’t one of those bonnets or arches over the top of the slide to force the user to sit down, for your own good, and to prove our municipal fathers’  good effort at making the slider safe. In my local park, kids clamber under the safety hood and then stand up to run down the slide squealing with excitement.

Montreal seems more worried about people tripping on the stairs (note the sign). Or perhaps the risk of a broken shoe heel. Do Ottawans wear high heels in public?

Note also that there is access to houses via the stair landings, another sensible thing that Ottawa twisted itself into knots of paralysis over on Primrose stair case.

Can you imagine coming home from school and “having to” use a big long slide en route?

Ottawa truly is the city that …


photo from Montreal reader Calvin S.     Thanks !


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  1. Indeed… San Francisco has an awesome extra long slide on the west side of Bernal Heights park, I think it spans a full city block!

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