Fix it yourself nice-ness



I have come across several fix-it-yourself bike stations. The gesture and tools is really nice. And it probably saves the bike rental company from a lot of nuisance beggars at the door expecting free minor repairs.



I’ve come across similar tool sets in Cambridge, MA;



on Cape Cod


oct 2013 200 and Salzburg:.

europe 2013 755

europe 2013 757

But not yet in Ottawa, although there is a non-public one behind St Andrew tower. This is at a time when gas stations increasingly charge cyclists for air, although the most egregious insult came when I found an air pump at a local gas station fill-er-up island that was free for motorists and charged a dollar for cyclists, over on the parking lot.  An attendant actually came out and chased me away from the island. Hmm. Memo to self: don’t buy gas there.


Does anyone know of any free, public U-fix stations in Ottawa?



5 thoughts on “Fix it yourself nice-ness

  1. Carleton U has one and one at City hall… but for exact locations I’m not sure.
    Thanks for blogging.

  2. Go to
    In addition to sharing bicycles, they also share space! If you just need a stand to work on your bike or you’ve realized that you’re short a few tools for some bike repairs they are the go to place at only $5/ hour for non-members and it’s free to RightBike members.

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