Finding OC Transpo at Ottawa Airport

There are two main doors out of the luggage/arrivals area at Ottawa airport. The centre doors take you out to the taxi stand, car rentals, and parking garage.

The south doors take you out much closer to the OC Transpo #97 bus stop. So what does the sign above those doors say?

may 31, 2013 220


Yup, the airport folks direct you back to the centre doors, where you gotta run past the taxis and all that, only to walk all the way back, dragging your luggage along, to get to the bus stop shoved way out to the furthest south end of the arrivals roads.

Is this a scheme to walk-out any incipient deep vein thrombosis you may have accumulated while squished on a flight? A get-the-blood circulating by extra exercise scheme so you can withstand extreme outdoor temperatures? A plot to slight public transit? Or just plain bureaucratic carelessness?

4 thoughts on “Finding OC Transpo at Ottawa Airport

  1. Perhaps the goal was to keep the transportation items grouped together? If the the bus icon was on the bottom row maybe it would get lost among the other unrelated symbols and the traveler would scan past it or not scan that row at all? (Better to use the second least efficient door but know where to find the bus, than to not know where the bus is at all).

  2. After dealing with Ottawa airport officials before during a work contract I can tell you they don’t really give a flying you know what, about transit access at the airport. It does not even occur that this is important because, they can’t make large amounts of revenue from it. Unless, their is a camera toting, or major local media reporter involved.

  3. In April, a friend drove us to the airport so I could spend a last hour with my husband before he took off to hike the Appalachian Trail ( The friend didn’t stay, so when it came time for me to leave, I went outside to look for the bus to go downtown. I didn’t look up for signage. I knew there was going to be a bus somewhere, so I just walked outside and scanned left and right and saw it, off to the right. Ottawa airport is still pretty small, so it’s easy to just look around.

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