Fence me in…

Along Lisgar Street, this condo association is widening the sidewalk by about two feet with their own paving of small cobbles. They have also installed a manufactured rustic stone curb about 6″ high which will protect the garden area from wandering feet and parked cycles.

Here is the new pavers at the front condo entrance.
A little bit further along the street, is this new front yard landscaping:
The brick pavers are more formal. The new fence is attractive, but also quite high. The situation is different from the first condo, as there is a thriving row of foundation shrubs up close to the windows in which B&E artists, winos, rough campers, or whomever the building owners and residents consider undesirable, can hide/reside.
Somehow, the first condo, with its curb edging, is much more subtle and friendly marking of the boundary than the fence, however nice it may be. It remains to be seen whether the measures chosen do their job.
By the way, in both cases, I think the parking meter posts should be left in place once the pay and display system is put in, and converted with the addition of a vertical ring and post top finial, into useful bike racks. In the case of the first condo, the parked bikes themselves will form an impromtu fence; in the the case of the fenced in apartments, the posts will keep cycles off their new fence.