Elvis Anonymous

A little while ago I heard a CBC radio program about weird and unusual street names. Apparently there is an Elvis Lives Lane in Ottawa.

So I made a point of looking for it when out at MEC. Low and behold, the street sign is stolen. Given the name, that is probably a common occurence, and explains why was not promptly replaced on this sign post. That might be a CCTV camera on the wall to right, I wonder if its focus included the sign post.

The sign on the building beyond lines up nicely with the sign post and will have to do for now.

3 thoughts on “Elvis Anonymous

  1. Oh, it’s not gone. It’s out there somewhere, living under an assumed name.

    I was the guest on that Ontario Today phone-in about street names. Shame to see that sign gone. I’ll have to remember to ask Moe how often they have to replace that thing.

  2. Eric – You need to get out of Dalhousie a little more often! We Westborians know exactly where Elvis Livs Lane is (was?!). If you go inside the Newport (restaurant) you can also pick up a special red phone and talk to the King himself…

  3. The sign (not a reasonable hand-drawn facsimile) can be found mounted to the wall in the Newport’s vestibule as you enter. Mind you, it’s a green-and-white pre-amalgamated Ottawa sign. That lonely post is due for a shiny new blue and white version.

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