Driving in Circles

A traffic circle is being installed at the intersection of Bayview/Burnside/River Street, in the Bayview Yards area, between Larouche Park and the old city sewer works yards that back onto the Ottawa River Parkway and Lemieux Island. I am hoping the centre of the circle will be planted with trees.
Pedestrian crossings are on the ‘straight stretches’ a few meters outside the circle and permit peds to cross the street one lane at a time taking refuge on the triangular islands.
Only three streets arrive at the circle, sort of like a Y. Each street is only one lane, so the circle should be easily navigable by cyclists as they do not have to move right/move left (as in Orleans) and can probably stick to the centre of the lane. Indeed, I hope sharrows are painted to direct cyclists to take and hold the centre of the lane going around the circle.
The view from the top of the little hill on Burnside Avenue. Bayview Ave goes right, River road (to the Parkway and Lemieux Island) goes left.