The suburbs get a bad rap for having endless rows of simlar houses. In fact, many streets in older areas such as the west side of the downtown also have clusters of similar if not identical houses in a row. But after 60 to 100 years, variety creeps in.

I especially like spotting two or more identical/mirror image houses that have evolved very differently. Here’s a pair that tell tales about the socio-economic status of the inhabitants.

4 thoughts on “Doppelganger

  1. The pic shown today is in the Little Italy neighborhood near Christie Pits in Toronto. The best doppelganger I have seen in west side Ottawa is on Holland Ave just north of Wellie, west side of the street.
    Thank you for reading.

  2. Really, really good point. I hate cookie-cutter houses but they can evolve over time into great examples of architecture. If you want to see an excellent set of dopplegangers, check out the street I live on. There are seven houses all in a row (119 Waverley to 129 Waverley) that were built in the late 1890’s. They all started out as identical houses but now could not look more different. Google street map it!

  3. There is a neat row of copies on the west side of Kent, just north of Somerset. There is also an interesting row of copies on the south side of Somerset between Lyon and Kent.

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