Disappearing Corner Stores Captured

I met Colin White when he  was sketching the Preston Food Market. I put up a blog post with this picture of him at work:
 He has  just hung the Confectionaries series at the Raw Sugar Café, where anyone can check it out. The show will be up for the month of June, and includes various stores from around West Centretown (though a few from Glebe as well). In the picture below, you can see what he was sketching, .
The series is also on his website: http://www.colinwhitestudio.com/confectionaries-2011 but you should go to the Raw Sugar and see it in person, as well as enjoy the funky coffee shop decor. The Vernissage is Wednesday evening from 6 to 8pm, and should be fun.
On an urban development note: Colin reports that when he was at Raw Sugar hanging the show , he asked about a potential patio near the gate, due to the increased sidewalk space. Apparently the city by-laws are making it difficult if not impossible to do anything with the space.
Typically Ottawa — that’s the only place one could sit down, have a coffee or beer, and admire the gate. Would this not be in the city’s interest to have a patio there? Ah, red-tape.