Demolition and new construction, Booth at Somerset


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Demolition has come near the corner of Booth and Somerset, in Chinatown. For once, it is deliberate and not by fire. An elderly three storey apartment building has been demolished.

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The site owner has approval to build two new triplexes on the site. The style will be modern, with lots of exposed metal bits. Here’s a view of the project circulated last year:

282 booth st


Locals suggested that he incorporate some of the typical neighbourhood red brick to the front façades, and possibly make some on-site use of the dressed limestone blocks from the old foundation. We also suggested he didn’t need six parking spaces, but could landscape at least one of them.

282 booth site plan

6 thoughts on “Demolition and new construction, Booth at Somerset

  1. So these will just go on the site of the old apartment, and not the lot at the corner of Somerset and Booth? So…almost half the lot is parking or paved access for cars. And an apartment is being replaced by 6 units. I see. Well, nobody opposes these projects, right?

  2. Now if only someone could get a decent (height limited) and nice building going on the lot right at the corner of Booth/Somerset. Heck, let’s go for broke, on all the empty lots along Somerset from Booth down to Preston.

  3. The two new triplexes will add more units than the old building that was demolished. One can certainly argue the aesthetic and economic merit of the old vs the new building. IF the new buildings can be built economically, then it may spur some other landowners to do the same, hopefully those with some of the many vacant lots around the neighbourhood. I think stumbling blocks are overly-high land values, too many odd lots of very small dimensions, reluctance to be the first out of the gate, and sometimes grotty neighbours.
    As described in the post, we did ask for more green space, less parking, and landscaped fences, so yes, “somebody” works to try for a better neighbourhood. You are welcome to join the effort.

    1. My less than ecstatic response stems from the fact that an attractive (if not fancy) brick structure was torn down for this new development when there’s an empty lot next door, even though I know the owner of this property most likely doesn’t own that lot. Structures like that are WHY I like our neighborhood.
      My bar for developing vacant lots is pretty low, so I’ll be happy when/if many of the lots on Somerset get developed. Maybe they could have earned my kudos by tearing down the apartment building and letting the lot sit vacant for a couple years ;).
      Of course, I didn’t mean to devalue yours (and others) efforts to improve the hood. It was more a passing comment on the types of (often poor) developments that can pass through approval, as long as they don’t press certain buttons.

  4. I do prefer the look of Lower Lorne Avenue and some brick instead of all the metal would have been nicer but we do need intensification in West Centretown.
    Thank you for your efforts and time.

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