I came across a row of decapitated parking meters on Lisgar Street on Sunday morning. If you look closely the green arched hood of the unit has been forced up, possibly with a pry tool. The coin mechanism was then lifted out, and the coins removed. The mechanisms can be seen disgarded in the shrubs in the background.

At one time parking meters were located between the pedestrian and the curb line, which helped separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic. Now, all the meters are located on the far side of the sidewalk, forcing the pedestrians to walk on the zone considered too dangerous to locate innanimate parking meters and where snow is “stored” in the winter.

When the city switches to pay and display central parking kiosks on a post next year (?) will the larger kiosk go on the curb side, or will it be on the far side where it offers more obstruction to the pedestrian? Since our city insists on calling these obstructions “street furniture” my bet is they will get the prime space and pedestrians the left over space.