4 thoughts on “Cyclists choose survival on Booth Street Freeway

  1. Good Strategy.
    I often use the wide sidewalk on the west side of the Portage Bridge for the same reason during rush hour. The separated bidirectional bike lane on the East side side of Portage Bridge can be scary to use.

    While I am a fan of the separated Laurier bike lane and use it often; I would reccomend only experienced cyclists use it. It is only a question of time before a visiting tourist gets injured there

  2. Och…. sorry, but as a pedestrian, I must object to at least some degree.
    Yes, it’s safer for the cyclist – recognized. The ruddy thing is an unmitigated disaster, and I fully expect the ‘final’ future ‘solution’ to be one also. BUT…
    To all cyclists – PLEASE recognize that pedestrians absolutely have NOplace else to be – and we do not appreciate being sped past, clipped, and yelled at for being ‘in the way’. The discussion for this interim solution has been for a -shared- sidewalk. Please share. Please.

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