Cozy Parker

8 april 2013 001


I spotted this mini van parked on Somerset opposite the Plant Pool complex. What poor parking ! Didn’t even pull all the way into the space. What a lazy parker !

Then I went around to the front of the car and saw this:

8 april 2013 002


Another lazy parker ! They can’t even be bothered to park their car in the space when its free and carefully bricked out for them. Or maybe they arrived together, how else could two cars so conveniently share one space?

Sorry, I fail to understand that attraction of treadmill running so much that they can’t use a full size space another car length ahead, or expend the energy to actually walk to the building where they will pay money to walk-just-to-get-no-where.

Lazy? Cozy? How about rude?

4 thoughts on “Cozy Parker

  1. Lazy drivers like this are a hazard for cyclists having to swerve around them into faster moving traffic coming up from behind. This location is also in front of a bus stop, making life difficult for bus drivers forced to maneuver around. How to discourage? Higher parking ticket fines or just tow ’em. Whatever, just call 311.

  2. On a different topic, I just noticed how little ground those trees have. That doesn’t look like nearly enough space for the roots to develop.

    1. the opening around the tree stem isn’t a good indicator, in this case, as there is also a perforated pipe to help take air and water to the roots, and the roots are planted in structural soil, which supports both brick paving and tree root growth. Use the search button to find previous stories on structural soil or structural earth, developed by Cornel U specifically to help urban trees, both new and old.

  3. It just tickles me when I see someone park illegally and put on their 4-ways. A while ago I was talking with a parking hornet and asked him about that. He said he treats those flashing lights as a beacon – it makes his job easier!

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